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Project Description

A MongoDB LinqPad driver that uses the official C# driver from 10gen.

Uses 10gen driver, FluentMongo and MongoRepository

How To Install

Installation of the driver is simple.
  • Click "Add Connection"
  • On the "Choose Data Context" dialog, click "View More Drivers"
  • On the "Choose A Driver" dialog, click "Browse"
  • Navigate to the .lpx file, and select.

All done!

Quick Note

This is not the same as I had a different use case for this driver, and NoRM is no longer under active development.
This driver should work for anyone wanting to query a MongoDB that was created with MongoRepository (with classes inheriting from Entity). The driver uses FluentMongo to enable Linq to Mongo.

Future State

In the future, I'd really like to make this a true dynamic driver (i.e. returning dynamic objects for querying, with no necessity to point at a c# schema). This would make the driver far more useful, and generally more usable.

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